How we work with you –


Expert Resources, Inc.®  has been an established expert service since 1979. Over time, we have built a deep database of knowledge in the professional, technical, medical and trade fields nationwide, in Canada and overseas.  We are not a directory of experts and the experts do not pay us to be registered with us.  The experts registered with us are independent contractors who have been peer-referred and selected for their professionalism and willingness to independently review and assist clients without bias.  Experts may request registration with us through the Expert Registration Form.  Although each expert has been screened, it is up to the client to qualify the expert for specific case needs.  We keep the database current based on client feedback and continuous relationship reviews by our specialists.


We value your feedback and look forward to working closely with you to find just the right candidate for your needs.  To begin a search, call an ERI specialist at 800-383-4857 or send a request with our Confidential Inquiry Form.


Since you pay ERI no fee to initiate a search or refer candidates, should you locate an expert elsewhere, just let us know and we will close our file and notify the candidates we have sent you to close their files as well.




You can trust that when you call on Expert Resources (ERI), any information you provide regarding your needs will be kept in the strictest confidence.  This website is protected by a Secure Socket Layer so that your searches and communications with us cannot be seen on the Internet.


ERI’s Agreement with our Experts


ERI has an Agreement with each expert upon registration. This Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the expert to ERI and to the client, as well as confirms that the information provided by the expert is accurate and does not misrepresent or omit pertinent information.  This Agreement further binds the expert to rates and terms applicable at the time the expert is referred to the client.  This document is updated at each point of contact with an ERI specialist.  Each expert understands that their contact information, curriculum vita and rates are confidential .  Their information is never released to a client unless the expert authorizes that information be released on a case by case basis.


The information provided in Payment Options instructs the client how to proceed with retaining an expert.  Should you wish to discuss the candidates referred or add to your request or clarify information we have provided, call us at 800-383-4857 or contact us at