There is no charge for Expert Resources’ services unless an expert we have referred to you works under your instruction or the expert’s information is disclosed.  You will know the expert’s fees, rates, terms and conditions before you agree to retain them.  The rates quoted to you are a combination of the expert’s rates(s) and Expert Resources add-on.  Each expert sets their own rates and ERI adds on to that rate.  Any additional fees for our services are included in the rates quoted to you in our contract we send to you (Letter of Acknowledgment).


Experts may charge for expenses such as travel and lodging costs, vehicle mileage, independent lab equipment costs and purchases necessary to a case.  The expense items are not upcharged by Expert Resources.  They are passed through to you “as billed” by the expert.  It is the obligation of the expert to communicate to the client what costs may be incurred regarding expenses.


ERI will request an upfront retainer in most cases and will request replenishment of that retainer as the case progresses.  The expert has an obligation to keep the client apprised of the work needed to be done.  Expert Resources will communicate to the client what advances, if any, need to be made for work to proceed.


If the expert is retained, ERI charges a one-time Administration Fee of $150, which is non-refundable.


Expert Resources bills the client on behalf of the expert, and provides statements and invoices accounting for the advances paid.  Expert Resources also provides 1099 reporting to the IRS for all payments made by ERI to the expert.


Payment is made to Expert Resources, Inc. at 6310 North University, #10558, Peoria, IL by check, cashier’s check or money order.  Payments may also be made by bank wire or electronic funds transfer to Expert Resources, Inc.    Our Tax Identification Number will be provided on request.  Please contact Expert Resources, Inc. at eri@expertresources.com  with any billing or payment question.